Order from your favorite stores

When shopping from supported retailers' apps and websites, just select DriveUp as your fulfillment method

Open the DriveUp App

Open DriveUp on your phone or in your car to verify orders, confirm pickup times, and

Drive to the designated pickup area

Turn-by-turn navigation powered by Apple or Google maps guides you to your store's designated pickup area. If in a lot, use the built-in spot identifier to help your runner find your vehicle.

100% Contactless Pickup

On-screen prompts can designate which window to approach, which door to pack your order in, and other merchant-specific interaction requirements. Symptom checkers and custom warnings can be displayed at time of order to prevent potentially dangerous transactions.

Verify and Accept Your Order

When you arrive, follow the on-screen prompts to inform your runner where to approach the vehicle. Verify your ID and order number with a simple QR or numeric code displayed on your phone or car screen without having to open the window.

Protecting your privacy at the core

By using DriveUp, retailers are only notified of your estimated and eventual arrival time. GPS and location data is never shared with retailers. Regardless, all data exchanged between merchants and DriveUp is randomized and void of PII. How? All location estimations and runner notifications are processed locally on your phone, not our servers. That means we don't need (and don't want) to collect your location data.

*Because arrival updates are processed locally on your phone or car, a reliable data connection is required to use all of DriveUp's features. No data? No problem. Pickup zones have private WiFi that the app can use to communicate with the store, informing runners of your arrival. Note that depending on nearby hotspots or delivery zone WiFi may affect store-to-car delivery times.